July 30, 2020 @ 7:38 PM

7 Dallas Market Tips


Market Shows are Important Events. Exciting, fast paced and fun!

Play it right and you can see Big Things and New Direction for your business.


1.Set appointments to save time and money

Making appointments will help focus and organize your time and allow you to see specific suppliers without being overwhelmed or distracted.


2. Focus on your unique customer needs, not someone else’s

At Market you will see every type of retailer purchasing for their stores and customer base. Don’t get caught up buying just because they are. You likely serve completely different types of customers.


3. Make personal connections with your suppliers

You get the chance to directly connect with your suppliers expertise and discuss your individual store needs. The personal connection is priceless.


4. Experience the products you will sell

Seeing and touching the products in person confirms the quality, value and consistency of the products you will offer your customers.


5. Organize your Market purchases

As you are making purchases from various suppliers, including RBR, keep the order forms and invoices separate from the show literature you collect. Have a budget and keep a running total so you don’t over extend.


6. Look for opportunities to personalize and customize

At Market, suppliers like RBR can discuss custom ideas just for your store and even lay out a plan and schedule for special events such as open houses, seasonal sales, home tours, block parties, breast cancer walks, etc.


7.Share your vision

Your suppliers are here to support the vision you have for your store and want to hear about it and how they can help you fulfill it. RBR loves to hear about it!





New Health & Safety Measures

Posted by Dallas Market Center on July 8, 2020


We've always prided ourselves in creating a friendly, inspiring and comfortable marketplace but now we are also focused on extra measures to ensure that Dallas Market Center is safe to visit and is promoting good health and strict social distancing.

In order to support the health and safety of everyone visiting, as well as showrooms and DMC associates, we have enacted new measures for our campus that will continue for the foreseeable futureThe new measures include a temperature check for each person entering the marketplace and a mask requirement. Below is an abbreviated version of our updated Health & Safety Guidelines. Click here to see the complete Guidelines.

These efforts are the result of studying current conditions and recommendations by national and local health authorities, listening to the advice of Dr. Trish Perl-DeLisle, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at UT Southwestern, and following a vote by Dallas County Commissioners to require masks inside all businesses.

Along with these new steps we are taking, there are safety measures that are part of the design of our marketplace: open parking, large entryways, quick registration in multiple areas, wide hallways, multiple escalators, and showrooms with controlled access to allow for the appropriate distance between customers. 

While on campus, everyone should follow the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control regarding good hygiene, sanitation, and social distancing. Those details are available here. In accordance with Governor Abbott’s Texans Helping Texans: The Governor’s Report To Open Texas, below are the specific guidelines for the operation of Dallas Market Center buildings.

Steps For You To Take

  1. Medical masks or cloth face coverings are required per Dallas County order. These masks or coverings must be worn at all times throughout the building common areas except while eating in designated locations. If a buyer arrives without a mask, they will be issued one by DMC. Customers without masks will not be granted access. Masks or cloth face coverings must cover the nose and mouth and may be reusable fabric or three-ply disposable masks. Medical face shields are also acceptable and must fully cover the face.
  2. Every person entering the buildings will be screened once a day for an elevated temperature at one of the main entrances. The number of entrances into Dallas Market Center will be limited beginning June 23. Available entrances will include World Trade Center front, garage, and Dock 1; Trade Mart front and West; and IHDC front. Once inside, each person will be quickly temperature checked each day--this includes showroom personnel, buyers, staff, and contractors. Each person will receive a colored sticker in order to proceed into the marketplace. Anyone with a temperature above 100 will be escorted to a waiting area and screened a second time. Anyone with a consistently elevated temperature will not be allowed into the marketplace. 
  3. Anyone who has been in contact with anyone ill in the last 14 days, who is feeling ill themselves, or who has symptoms outlined by the Texas Department of State Health Services should not enter showrooms. Details here: http://tiny.cc/0ixenz.
  4. Social distancing guidelines will be strictly enforced including the following:
  5. No gatherings in hallways or common areas;
  6. Observe a six-foot distance between yourself and others, even inside showrooms;
  7. Respect social distancing in restrooms;
  8. Wash hands frequently and/or use hand sanitizer supplied at stations through the marketplace;
  9. Elevators are limited to a maximum of two people at a time;
  10. Escalators should be used with 3 escalator steps between each person.
  11. Showrooms have been encouraged to follow the new County order for face masks, to have hand sanitizer visible and functional; and to wipe down all surfaces with antibacterial cleaner regularly.

Steps DMC Is Taking

  1. All DMC staff will wear protective masks or face covering.
  2. All DMC staff will be temperature checked daily and will be regularly screened for signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19 and will be sent home for quarantine if exhibiting any symptoms as outlined in the Governor’s standard health protocols.
  3. Staff entering the facility will wash hands and/or sanitize hands.
  4. Anyone who has been in contact with anyone ill in the last 14 days, who is feeling ill themselves, or who has symptoms outlined by the Texas Department of State Health Services should not enter the buildings.
  5. The buildings will maintain daily enhanced cleaning and wide availability of hand sanitizer at dedicated stations and at registration areas. Hard surfaces will be cleaned with hospital-grade cleaners with special attention to doorways and doorknobs, counters, elevators and elevator buttons, floor-by-floor handrails and escalator handrails.
  6. All staff will observe social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  7. For the time being there is limited restaurant food service--mainly with individually packaged foods, custom beverage orders, and no common containers. 
  8. We will not be offering valet nor shuttles for the time being.

Our family company and its showrooms are serious about remaining vigilant in order to offer a safe and comfortable experience and to support the health and wellness of you and your colleagues. We thank you for your trust, your partnership, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


See entire Health & Safety Guidelines here