January 4, 2020 @ 8:28 PM

2020 Vision

Vision Casting, Goal Setting, and New Year’s Resolutions… All things we think about as the New Year and a New Decade begins. 

It’s the time of year we buy a new planner and lay out the year. Making grand and big plans!

Approaching this New Year several things come to mind:


  1. Hugeness of planning an entire year, while at the same time the feeling of satisfaction in having a plan.
  2. Gratefulness, for how our business is growing and the great direction it is going.
  3. Impact, how we can plan and serve our customers better with the many great things laid out before us.
  4. Reflection, what was accomplished in 2019 and what changes will be made to make 2020 even better.


This time of year ......

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