October 21, 2016 @ 10:59 AM

By Mike Satterfield

Blogging has become so much more than just a simple web journal, from leading news sources to launching a whole new class of celebrities, blogging has changed the game when it comes to content publishing. It has also become an amazing tool for brands, allowing them to have more control over their story while creating marketing content.

I currently run several blogs and other sites that all serve different demographics, year-to-date those sites have reached nearly 2 million unique visitors, increased my brand's social media reach, and have created platforms to cross-promote and advertise my brands. Here are 4 quick tips on how to create a blog for your brand.

1) Choose a blog topic beyond the product

When blogging for a brand, choose a topic that is a good fit for the brand. If the company sells camping equipment, blog about hiking, camping locations, and outdoor recreation, don't just blog about your product. Nothing will drive users away more than "BUY MY PRODUCT" posts if you do plan on showcasing your product it needs to be in an informative way.

2) Choose a blog platform

Creating a blog from scratch is easy, if the brand already has a website check to see if there is a built in blog feature. Building the blog on an existing website is a great way keep people on the site longer and visiting the site more often. For standalone blogs, I recommend to use either WordPress or blogger, both have their benefits and drawbacks, but personally, I use blogger for most of the sites we use. 

3) Publish often and consistently

'Content is king' in blogging, producing a consistent flow takes time. But at least one post a week is a good place to start if not more often. This is key, especially if the blog is on the brand's main website. A site that has not been updated in months or years leaves a bad impression with your audience. Keep the content relevant to the brand and the readers. Good photography that is shareable on social media channels will also help drive new readers to the blog.

4) Promote the blog's content

Success in blogging is only as good as the traffic it creates, generating traffic for the blog is going to depend on the target demographic. Several of my sites are created to target specific demographics so I share the links to those stories in the place those users frequent. Take some time to find the right niche, but Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great places to start promoting blog content.